About Us

In 2009, Geraint and Adam were sharing a quiet pint or ten discussing how they could help Swansea University Canoe Club (‘SUCC’) more formally, they drew the conclusion that the best route to achieve this goal would be to form a charity with the aim of supporting the club. Unfortunately, nothing happened in 2009 to make this dream a reality, but plenty of pints were drunk and plenty of ideas of what the charity could do were bounced around.

Fast forward to 2016 and the very same idea was still in Geraint’s head… but this time something happened… a charity was born.

We are now in the process of becoming a registered charity run by volunteers, the majority of whom are current and past members of SUCC, founded by Geraint Lee, Liam Richards, Siwan Glyn and Julian Leak.

The charity was founded with the intention of supporting SUCC in any way possible, one of our aims is to provide a formal way for past members, otherwise known as the ‘old boys’, to maintain contact with each other and the club. It also aims to aid in the continued development of skills within it’s membership and to make use of these skills for the benefit of SUCC.

In addition to providing a platform for past members, we aim to provide financial support to SUCC through charity membership fees and organising fundraising events.

However, we’re not all about fundraising and support, but also about paddling. Members will have the opportunity to go paddling, whether it be rivers, surf or sea, as well as entering an Old Boys Canoe Polo team in several competitions throughout the year.


So far Friends of Swansea University Canoe Club have raised £350 for SUCC. We have hosted three parties for current and past members including friends of the club, the money was raised from a mixture of bar profits and attendance fees.

The money has been put towards part funding a minibus license for one of our members, the remaining funds will be given to Swansea University Canoe Club which should amount to around £250.

Swansea University Canoe Club

Swansea University Canoe Club

Looking for Swansea University Canoe Club? Check out their website at www.succ.me.