Geraint Lee (Chair)

Geraint Lee

I’m Geraint, a freelance IT consultant & contractor living and working in Swansea, I started kayaking when I was 8 years old but it took me until after I’d left University to realise that I don’t actually enjoy kayaking that much, but I enjoy the logistics of kayaking and problem solving, and there's plenty of that to be found in SUCC! SUCC have taken me all over the country, and to the Alps in Europe kayaking, but today, about the only kayaking you’ll see me do is Canoe Polo with Tawe Kayak Club and the occasional river, you will however see me volunteering or organising events for River Legacy and SUCC.

I joined SUCC (or University of Wales Swansea Canoe Club as it was back then!) in 2003. If anyone would have told me then that I’d still be involved more than 13 years later I definitely wouldn’t have believed them, but, here I am, still helping in any way I can.

Friends of SUCC has been something I’ve wanted to start for a long while now, myself and my good friend Adam dreamt up the idea in 2009 to fulfil a need for a formal platform for old boys and to overcome transport issues which has been a major obstacle for the club for several years now. I’m now excited to see where the charity goes and hope it will be of great benefit to SUCC for the future.

First Joined Club: 2003

Club Committee Positions Held:
Captain (2004/05)
Vice Captain (2005/06)
Polo Captain (2006/07)


Liam Richards (Secretary)

Liam Richards

When I first joined SUCC back in 2010 it was pretty much by accident. The idea of kayaking had never really entered my head, then a few friends of mine, who were members of SUCC, dragged me along to a couple of parties where I made more friends. After being involved with the social side of SUCC for a period of time I finally decided to get in a boat, it took me a good few weeks to decide whether I enjoyed kayaking or hated it, but eventually I was hooked, the following year I was even on the committee!

These days I don’t paddle nearly as much as I used to but will always get on the river when needed for safety (I’m usually found on the silly end of a livebait) and play canoe polo as often as I can, which I really enjoy, though my motive for doing so is still the allure of the social side. Though I graduated in 2012 I have still been heavily involved with the club, aiding with logistics and even helping to arrange the odd trip.

Outside of kayaking I can usually be found either swimming lengths in the swimming pool or wandering the Brecon Beacons with my sheepdog.

First Joined Club: 2010

Club Committee Positions Held: Vice President (2011-12)


Siwan Glyn (Treasurer)

Siwan Glyn

I joined SUCC in 2013 as I wanted to try for years and since then I’ve enjoyed being a part of the club by being actively involved. My commitment to SUCC has been driven by the interest I have in a management position alongside the crazy kayaking friends within the club.

First Joined Club: 2013

Club Committee Positions Held:
Treasurer (2014 - 15)
Treasurer (2015 - 16)


Julian Leak (Trustee)

Richard Davies

First Joined Club: 200?

Club Committee Positions Held: Anti-Faff (2014/15)
President (2015)



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